Bryan Johnson for LASD Board 2016

I’m a retired software engineer and current LASD Board Member, passionate about educating all of our kids, committed to making the best use of our limited resources.


It's time to move forward on facilities.

After years of work, the LASD board has found a 10th site that will provide the space we need to accommodate both the enrollment growth that we have seen over the last 15 years, and the thousands of new apartments to come as Mountain View continues to densify. It is now time to move forward with construction of the new campus and upgrades to our existing schools.


Facilities are only one piece of the puzzle.

Los Altos has one of the best school districts in the state, but the high cost of living is an obstacle to attracting and retaining the best teachers. I’m committed to finding creative solutions, like initiatives to help teachers with down payments and student loan refinancing. This challenge is not unique to our district, so I’ll work with area leaders like County Supervisor Joe Simitian to ensure that LASD participates in broader initiatives such as his proposed project in Palo Alto.


All students deserve the chance to excel.

Our community includes students and parents speaking a wide variety of languages. Economically disadvantaged students face more challenges than ever with costs of living continuing to rise. And there are still too many programs that have not been fully restored from the cuts made in the last recession. Our community’s resources should be allocated towards providing every student with a solid foundation and the chance to shine.


I will continue to work tirelessly for our entire community.

Over the course of my two years on the board, I have worked to increase transparency and communication by  creating a regular set of board member office hours and meeting with dozens of community members on all sorts of issues related to LASD. I believe that making our district the best it can be requires the help and perspectives of all of us, and I look forward to continuing that work for another four years.